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Oxycontin 80mg OC80 Mundipharma

Generic Name : Oxycodone

Brand Name : Oxaydo, OxyContin , Oxyfast, Roxicodone

Strength : 80mg

Manufacturered by  Purdue Pharma LP  (Mundipharma)

Drug Class : Narcotic analgesic


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The heroin alkaloid thebaine is the source of the white, without scent transparent powder known as oxycodone. In water, opium hydrochloride is eliminated (1 g in 6–7 mL). Alcohol does not completely dissolve it. The following is what’s on the tablets:

The following ingredients are inactive: sorbic acid, sodium hydroxide, povidone, magnesium oxide stearate, milk sugar, cellulose, sorbic acid, stearyl drugs and talc, zinc oxide, and triacetin.


  • If the pain is moderate or not anticipated to last for a long time, OxyContin is not suggested for treating it during the first few after surgery days.
  • Only patients who were taking OxyContin prior to surgery or those whose recovery pain is anticipated to be mild to severe and last for a long time should be prescribed the medication after surgery.
  • Doctors should tailor their care to each patient, switching when necessary from parenteral to oral analgesics.

Misuse, Abuse and Diversion of Opioids:

  • Misuse, Abuse and Diversion of Opioids: Misused by delivering, sniffing, choking, breaking, or chewing the dissolved substance.
  • Cause the opioid to be delivered in an uncontrolled manner and put the abuser at serious risk of an overdose and death.
  • The appropriate management of pain should not be stopped by abuse, addiction, or diversion.


  • OxyContin Tablets are a verbal controlled-release opium hydrochloride formulation recommended for the treatment of moderate to severe pain when a long-term, continuous analgesic is required.
  • OxyContin tablets are not meant to be taken on a daily basis as a painkiller.


  • First and foremost, creating a patent airway should be the main focus of treatment for oxycodone overdose.
  • As indicated, medical aid should be used to treat the cardiac arrest and lung swelling that accompany overdose.
  • The procedure or cardiac massage may be necessary in cases of cardiac arrest or arrhythmias.


When ongoing analgesia is required, OxyContin 80mg OC80 Mundipharma, which contains oxycodone, treats moderate to severe pain. To prevent misuse, abuse, or diversion, caution is essential. For respiratory and cardiac complications, an overdose necessitates immediate medical attention.

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