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Midazolam Flormidal 15mg Galenika

Generic Name : Midazolam

Brand Name : Flormidal

Strength :  15 mg

Manufacturered by  Galenika a.d.

Drug Class : Benzodiazepine anticonvulsants, Benzodiazepines

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WHAT IS Midazolam Flormidal 15mg Galenika:

Flormidal is used to make patients feel sleepy and to reduce anxiety before surgery. It is used to achieve unconsciousness during surgery and induce amnesia to prevent discomfort following the procedure. Midazolam Flormidal 15mg Galenika helps patients in medical centers manage their stress and cooperate when breathing assistance is needed. It is only given under the close watch of a physician who has received training in its management; this is especially true during surgical procedures when the patient’s condition is closely watched.


  • A drug or medication has both general and specific uses.
  • A medication can be used to treat an illness over time, prevent an illness from occurring, or cure an illness.
  • It can also be applied to deal with a specific disease symptom.
  • The patient’s method of giving the medication determines the dosage. Sometimes, it works better as a tablet, and other times, as an injection.
  • The medication can be used to treat a single unsettling symptom or a serious illness. Flormidal is used with or without local anesthesia to provide conscious sedation prior to, during, and following diagnostic or surgical procedures.
  • It can be taken as part of a combination anesthetic as a sedative, as a premedication prior to anesthesia, or to induce anesthesia.

HOW SHOULD I USE Midazolam Flormidal 15mg Galenika?

Try Flormidal as prescribed by your physician. The exact dose instructions should be found on the medication’s label. Flormidal is meant to be used just once. Flormidal should not be used regularly. Flormidal is typically given in a clinic, hospital. Pay close attention to the instructions that your doctor or other healthcare provider gives you if you’re using Flormidal at home. When taking Flormidal, stay away from grapefruit and grapefruit juice. Call your doctor right away if you forget to take your Midazolam Flormidal 15mg Galenika dose.


  • Injectable Flormidal should not be administered to individuals who have a history of medication hypersensitivity.
  • Benzodiazepines should not be administered to people who have acute narrow-angle glaucoma.
  • Patients with open-angle glaucoma may use benzodiazepines, but only if they are getting the right treatment.
  • Intraocular pressure measurements in healthy individuals show a moderate reduction after Flormidal induction; glaucoma patients have not been examined.
  • Because Flormidal Injection contains the preservative benzyl alcohol in the dosage form, it is not recommended for intrathecal or epidural administration.


  1. Combining opioids can cause coma, respiratory depression, and extreme drowsiness.
  2. Save the concurrent prescription of these medications for patients who do not respond well to other forms of treatment.
  3. Keep dosages and durations within the minimal amount necessary.


Keep Midazolam Flormidal 15mg Galenika out of the light and moisture, at room temperature, between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit (20 and 25 degrees Celsius). Keep the medications out of the restroom. Keep all medications out of the reach of kids and animals.

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